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Services and Free Estimates

RH Radiant Home specialized in upgrade, maintenance and repair of the exterior components of building systems which can encompass, depending upon the building structure: masonry repair or replacement, concrete repair, caulking or sealant replacement, exterior painting, application of high performance coatings, exterior building envelope power washing, waterproofing systems, insulation and balcony restoration.
We work with as friendly and professional staff.

Exterior Power Washing

Gutter Cleaning
All kinds of debris
Black streaks (electrostatic bonding)
Neglecting to maintain your eaves troughs can lead to avoidable water damage that can be very expensive to repair

Window Cleaning

Consistently dirty, spotty, streaked windows
Over-height windows
Difficult access
Glass walls up to 60'
Complex access issues
Facial and wall panels
Glass canopies
Interior partitions
Rope access
Pedestrian safety
Quality workmanship

Other Services provided 

Caulking & Sealant Replacement
Interior and Exterior Painting
Coatings & Waterproofing
Masonry Repairs
Balcony Restoration
Concrete Repair
Suspended Stage Access & Inspections